Steam trading cards are a digitized version of currency created by Valve Corporation and are meant to be used solely on Steam’s platform. These trading cards are occasionally awarded to users for playing a certain game, completing specific tasks and sometimes, the company will even give them out at random.

The trading cards can be used to purchased things such as mini-games, emoticons or backgrounds for your profile, traded between Steam users, or they can be sold through the Steam Marketplace to acquire additional store credit.

Since their creation, Steam Trading Cards have been implemented into more than 7,000 games. Overall, they have gained a lot of positive attention, however, they have also attracted some undesirable attention from so-called “asset-flippers”, who develop low-quality games and release them on Steam to be able to turn a profit from earning trading cards.

This behavior has been condemned by Valve, who claims that creating these “fake” games to farm trading cards is not a victimless crime and is responsible for damaging the Steam marketplace.

Prohibition on Withdrawing Steam Money

According to the company, the funds in your digital wallet are non-refundable and non-transferable. In other words, they cannot be withdrawn as real money since they have no intrinsic value in real life. These funds are intended solely for use on the Steam platform and are meant for the purchase of subscriptions and other related content.

Prohibition on Withdrawing Steam Money

While this may sound like Steam is being a little bit harsh, it makes sense, especially for people who have a rather large balance in their account. Just imagine the implications if users could deposit cash into their accounts, move it around and then, withdraw it as cash. This would create a massive potential for illegal activities such as money laundering and could incite people to commit other types of cybercrime as well.

The good news is that not everyone who wants to withdraw money from their accounts has malicious intentions and there are a few options to get around the restriction.

How to Withdraw Steam Money

Overall, it’s best to follow Steam’s terms and conditions, and accept that the funds in your account are not real money. They are simply there to be used in the Steam marketplace or traded within their community.

Still, if you’re determined to withdraw the funds from your account, there are some third-party sites that can help you accomplish this. However, we must warn you that this goes against Steam’s regulations and could result in being banned from the platform.

How to Withdraw Steam Money

While it’s not possible to directly withdraw your steam money from your account, there are two ways in which you can get away with doing this.

  • The first option is to find a PayPal trader and to sell them items that you’ve earned in exchange for cash payment through PayPal. However, while this is a viable option, it carries a little more risk than our second options.
  • The second method consists of using 3rd party websites such as or to withdraw money. First, you’re going to want to collect games and items, or purchase them with steam money that you’ve earned by using the platform. Then, you’ll want to post your game or item for sale on either or and wait for someone to make an offer on your listing. Lastly, you’ll trade your item in exchange for a PayPal payment which you will then be able to withdraw directly into your bank account within a few days.

Hopefully, this guide will have given you some insight into the use and rules surrounding Steam money and has answered any questions you may have had. As we’ve said, there are options when it comes to withdrawing your Steam money, but we do not recommend it. Always err on the side of caution when attempting to do this and keep the consequences in mind before you make any decisions to do so.

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