The Battle Royale genre obviously hits the spot in gamers’ hearts — it became so popular nowadays, that such games as PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale jumped to the top of charts. Why so? Is there something in our nature that motivates us to fight each other to the death?

The recent release of both above-mentioned games for mobile devices made me think about the phenomenon of Battle Royale, about differences between those titles, and about differences between two gaming styles: PC and mobile.

Fortnite VS PUBG

Why Battle Royale?.. Why?!

This genre may seem just awful! You appear in a closed place, and everyone around is eager to kill you. The choice is small here — kill or be killed. Cruelty and violence — these words come to mind, when we think about the genre, But still…

Gamers don’t really associate themselves with the virtual characters. They don’t even bother about their existence. Battle Royale is an excellent way to allow emotions to flood you over, to allow aggressiveness to pass away, to refresh your mind and be calmer in the real life.

Powerful battles of this genre don’t contain any complicated plots. That is a relief for many gamers, who are fed up with stories in games, books, movies, and want just to play without overloading their minds. Still, Battle Royale involves our gaming skills. This is an area for improving ourselves, and that is the reason for returning to a game again and again.

PUBG vs Fortnite

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is a realistic Battle Royale. It makes us feel like really jumping on an island and fighting for the life. Physics and graphics support this feeling. The community of players are very tough here — guys don’t allow each other to relax.

Be attentive to the max. Be cool-blooded and judicious, act as so you are in the real world.

Playing this game is like a choice for those gamers, who prefer a bit military style of shooters (CS:GO, Call of Duty), and who stand tightly on this Earth and need nothing fantastic from shooting missions.

Pubg vs Fortnite


Fortnite Battle Royale is a bit more colorful, cartoon-like game, with some unrealistic features involved. The very participating in matches here create a feeling of playing a game. It has something from Splatoon or Arms, when you know from the start that the situation never happens in the reality and just couldn’t happen. Find out more about this title in our Fortnite Battle Royale advanced guide.

Players may feel more freely here, involve their creative power, be more lighthearted,

To choose Fortnite means to allow yourself totally separate the gaming experience and the life experience. This title is much more gaming-like, but still, it is a classic Battle Royale, with weapons and killings. Playing it reminds me playing CS:GO-like mods of Minecraft — you are in a fantastic world, but you fight like in a real war.

Pubg vs Fortnite

Fortnite/PUBG PC vs Fortnite/PUBG Mobile

Playing games on PCs and consoles means having better performance and controls, but also it provides worse portability.

If you ever played a shooting game with a keyboard and a mouse, you will feel just uncomfortable tapping touch-screens of a smartphone to make your character move, change weapons, and shoot. If you ever held a gamepad in your life, you will know that amazing feeling, when many different buttons are in the easy reach of your fingers, and you can activate them by touch, almost automatically, naturally.

Excellent controlling is the best thing in PC versions of the Battle Royale games. This includes a better view on the screen, free of virtual controlling elements. Better graphics and performance is a natural consequence of the more powerful hardware of computers — here we have no doubts about advantages of PC gaming.

Creating mobile versions of Fortnite and PUBG is a step towards gaming masses, towards millions and millions of guys, which don’t have powerful computers but have nice smartphones to play games. Mobile gaming has two big pluses in comparison to computers: it is less demanded to hardware and it is… just mobile, you know, portable to the max!

We can play PUBG Mobile anytime and anywhere — and it is free, unlike the PC and Xbox One versions. We can play Fortnite while someone has occupied the computer, or when we are far away from it. Of course, controlling here rather a weak spot, but you can master it and feel comfortable with it.

The fast growth of mobile gaming is a part of Top Gaming Industry Trends for 2018.

PC and Mobile for Battle Royale

I don’t see the Battle Royale genre as an ultimate level of gaming. It is an experiment, and a successful one. Gamers like these games very much, and many of us try it just to make up our own opinion. PUBG even makes its way to professional Esports! But the practice shows how gaming trends come and pass away. For me, battling each other on virtual maps is something of that sort.

We’ve developed ourselves to the level when we can move shootings to the virtual world, leaving the reality in peace (almost everywhere). Maybe someday we will enjoy the same peace in the virtuality, will play some creative sorts of games, explorations, maybe even shooters but with a co-op spirit…

Meanwhile, why not to enjoy PUBG or Fortnite Battle Royale? Choose a game you like more or play both. Choose a device, which is better for you or try both versions. Have lots of fun in Battle Royale — maybe the fun is the best thing we can have from gaming.

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