I’m a big fan of the Harry Potter books, so I was very fascinated by the news about the game “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery”, by the opportunity to build my own story in the wizarding world. I waited for the game from its very announcement and downloaded it right after the release.

Now, I continue playing it, and I’m far from finishing. I like the game, and it annoys me at the same time. Let me share with you my opinion in this review.

What about your brother, man?

The story of the game takes place after the birth of Harry Potter and the fall of Dark Lord. Still, we have wait for seven years before The Boy Who Lived begins his magical education. Players create their own hero — making their appearance and building their personality by the in-game decisions.

First, it seems like the game is not really full of choices — you follow dialogues, open the plot for yourself. A bit later, you start to influence events more significantly, changing relationships with students and teachers, making progress in the education.

Even with those decisions, I can’t get rid of the feeling of following a book. It’s an interactive book, ok, but it has a plot, and I can only explore it from different angles, but not change it.

The game hero has an elder brother, who was expelled from Hogwarts and has the reputation of a mad guy. He looked for mystery vaults, and players continue this mission, also looking for the brother himself. To where the story will lead us? It’s better to play and discover by our own.

Do you have enough gems?

Now, I’ll get to the biggest problem of the game — continuous attempts to sell virtual items to players. My hero has a limited amount of energy. It may be not sufficient even to accomplish one mission. To get more, I should pay gems. Some missions are locked for a particular time, and to play them, I should pay gems. These crystals are limited in quantity and to buy more I have to pay real money. This is a standard scheme for a free-to-play game, but it’s absolutely annoying in the case of “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery”.

  • Be ready for short playing sessions (nearly 15 min), even if you have spare time and want enjoy gaming. A few actions, a few dialogues, and then you’re looking for another game to play.
  • Even if you buy gems, you spend them very quickly for prolonging the playing sessions. There will be no sense in buying new gem packages again and again — you’ll need to spend too much money on finishing the game by buying energy and by unlocking missions.

Harry Potter

Those short steps in the game story and inability to play when you want to may spoil the experience for many players.

You should be a real fan of the Harry Potter world to ignore such inconvenience and continue playing, wondering what happens next. And it is totally indecent to use feelings of the fans for this greedy commercialization…

But the game is good!

If forget about the monetization scheme, the game is fine, and I enjoy it.

  • The graphics are amazing. The world detailing and movements of characters have been made on a very high level as for a mobile game.
  • The gameplay is not too complicated, so younger players will be able to accomplish missions.
  • The very spirit of the game is of the Harry Potter books. It’s like diving into another one thrilling story.

Simplicity of many actions may surprise some gamers — we need just to tap the screen or draw something by a finger. But if do this attentively and read appearing phrases, you’ll like even this easy style.

“Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” is rather an interactive story, and you’ll need some reserve of patience and purposefulness to play and finish it. But maybe, the developers will change their decisions on the monetization — will make the game more playable without spending money, and will make spending money on the game more effective for players.

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